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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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vilks, the swedish artist who sure viewed that attack. plus -- so much wind it nearly knocks over this reporter in new england? >> and a cease fire still holding between ukraine's military and pro russian separatists, the newsroom starts right now. >> hello again, thanks so much for joining me i'm fredericka whitfield, we're following some fast moving developments after a pair of deadly shootings in copenhagen denmark today. the suspected gunman dead, now the fbi is on the terror case. it all began yesterday when a man targeted a free speech forum attended by a swedish artist known for his controversial depictions of the prophet mohammad.
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the gunman died and two others were wounded. a second shooting took place outside a copenhagen synagogue. a man providing security for the synagogue was killed and others were wounded. two people were arrested at an internet cafe and we're still awaiting worth on whether they might be related to the case. that cafe is a few hundred yards from where police killed the suspected gunman earlier today during a shoot-out. police say surveillance video helped lead them to the 22-year-old man who has a criminal record. -- a u.s. official tell ss cnn the fbi is now assisting with the investigation. investigation. >> there is a good reason to believe this is for related and we're treating it as if it is
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terror. our nic robertson is in copenhagen and nick pike what can you tell us about the arrests made today? >> what the police are saying at the moment is that two people were arrested at an internet cafe, this was part of a wider organization that's been going on and involves a neighborhood where the police were actually going into several apartments in that neighborhood before making these arrests on the internet cafe. the police are not being specific about why they arrested these two men, what they have said about the suspect gunman who was shot and killed this morning about 5:00 in the morning, copenhagen time they say this was a 22-year-old man, that he was born in denmark, that he has a criminal past, including having illegal weapons. they say also that he has a
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history of violence and that he has connections or has had in the past connections to gangs. that is the picture that they're painting but they're also saying that they believe his motivations may have been inspired by the attack the attacks in paris at the "charlie hebdo" cartoonist as well as the attacks ss on the kosher supermarket -- a young vild man with a criminal past that now seems to be inspired by rad come islamists. >> inspired by radical islamists, but is he believed to have any connection with any association with -- >> reporter: the police are
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concerned that he me have associates and they're concerned for the potential of copy cat attacks. the negotiations they're conducting now is to make sure that the they see any future attacks coming that they have better visibility on who he was, and therefore what connections if any to what group he may have actually had. the fact that they have gone into apartment buildings, seized one of his weapons that was in a low location, if he did have cell phones, that's something that the police were conducts commuters, rounding up associates that will provide the police with more information about exactly who he was connected to in the wider circles. in the moment what the police have they're not releasing publicly so far. >> nic robertson, thank you so much. earlier i spoke exclusively with swedish artist lars vilks, he
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survived the shooting at that forum that he helped sponsor. vilks drew a picture depicting the prophet mohammad with the body of a dog. al qaeda responded by placing him on their most wanted poster an assassination list. vilks survived two previous attempts on his life, and he travels with body guards and as you can see, he always checks his car for potential bombs. but i asked him if he thought his drawing of the prophet mohammad years ago in 2007 may have contributed to these attacks in denmark. >> that is not the case it's very rare that something becomes so interesting. if one follows the stories of
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this round about dog thing, he will see that he has to pass many many levels of interest before it actually starts living it own life and become enough known to become a symbol for hatred. at one time you were on an assassination list by al qaeda and other similar groups to your knowledge, are you still on anyone's assassination list? and if so is that why you continued to travel with body guards? >> yeah, i mean why am i such a well known target? and that's half the value, because these guys, they weren't very much concerned with the media interest. so if they want to kill someone, it should be someone who's well known, so everyone can actually
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have a reference to these things. and that means that when i go somewhere, i always have body guards. i cannot go anywhere on my own. so now what, you narrowly escaped death in denmark, how does this influence your next forum that you might arrange, your next public outing? that's a very interesting question, to me there's two things, one thing is those who are arranging the next meeting and the second is how will it be protected. and if there is something which-that is not my questions to answer. i mean that's a question at the higher level. but one has to understand that
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they will take it seriously. >> and along with protecting your own life what is it about your art that you think is worth protecting even if it means putting your life on the line? >> that's freedom of speech and if people are using violence and murder to stop something to be expressed, you have two possibilities, you can avoid that and go something. or you can go on. and actually if you once have made something at least not acceptable among these terrorists and the islamists, and they will never forgive you. so there's not much to gain if you try to excuse yourself and never do things again.
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because once you're on the list you're on the list and they never let you out again. >> how much do you worry that there will be similar attacks to what we saw in denmark and what we have seen in paris in the near fight? -- near future? >> i think we should be rmpbl and stay statistically, it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen and one also has to see on what level will they move around? we have to be aware that it seems that there is a tendency for a new kind of amateur terrorist where the difference from the earlier is they are a bit more trained and they have much better equipment. but it's just two cases so it's difficult to say something about it. but that does mean that we're in
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a more serious situation. because the amateurs are getting much more dangerous. and that means that one has to be open that there could be more of these following up. but as i say, this is just speck laegs. so one has to wait if we're in a bad -- that's something we have to look in the future. we don't know that yet, we can just hope that this is not a real tendency just occasionally being so. >> any exclusive interview, with swedish artist lars vilks there, who sponsored the free speech forum. it didn't take long for
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investigators in copenhagen -- now the fbi agrees and is assisting with the investigation. let's check back with former fbi director and cnn enforcement director tom knew wen tez in washington. tom, what kichtd of assistance will the fbi be offering? the fbi office was established in copenhagen in 1999 and has a stamp of a number of aides, analysts and -- when a guy named david headily from chicago traveled to copenhagen actually went into the lobby of these newspapers and was laying out the plans for an attack is that al qaeda diverted him to advice in the mumbai attack first.
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then when he was in the process of going back to copening hagen, he was arrest their intent was to go to stock holmes, break down lars home and cut his throat in the middle of the night, so they could get the bounty that was on his head and still is on hid head so the fbi and the other police authority thes interpoll, the fbi, many people have been working on these cases for years, as the plots go on and on and on. >> if it turns owl this alleged shooter really had no contact with the network, and was just
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according to some daneish authorities. >> well that's true and the fewer people that he was in contact with intending to do this attack he decided, as a lone wolf that he would do it all on his own, he was able to procure the weaponry that was observed in this case but the fewer people know the easier it is to keep a secret and and the harder it is to -- i think another interesting thing in this whole event also is that this individual manages to wound five police officers kill two civilians, before the final third encounter with people where he finally gets shot down and killed. so we see that the police are jut gunned they're getting the hands on automatic weapons, heavy firepower, and the police would go to these events what
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pistols, a couple of the police in paris were unarmed when they were gunned down so you're really going to be outgunned if you're unarmed. >> right. >> so we're seeing this over and over. the reason i bring that up is just a little reminder of the u.s. law enforcement being demilitarized? when you have bad guys on the streets, whether they're from white supremacist groups terrorists that completely outnumber police. if the threat's there, you have to prepare for it. >> lars l vilks says the gunman was better equipped than the police were. >> when this gooir manages to woo three police officers and kill somebody, and get away, than abled him ten hours later
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get every month free. millions of people are under a blizzard alert. air travel is the nightmare in logan airport. because, guess what it's closed. flight reports more than 1,800 flooiktights cancelled today, most of them in the new york and boston areas. and driving, that's risky at best. he's joining me right now, in the town of seabrook.
12:20 pm
so the drive is treacherous, and now you're removing that snow amazing. >> yeah fred you're right, the road crews have done an excellent job, there were thousands of people out, trying to get a handle. but there was so fast snow more than a foot in some areas but now what you're seeing of this is heavy machinery, and what this guy is doing, is he is scooping the heavy, thick snow off of this roof. it's not the first eblizzard to strike there -- you see, he just scoops it off right there. and this is something that is happening all over this region we have also seen people on this roof with shovels, trying to get this snow off. there's a very good reason why
12:21 pm
they're goingdoing it. if we pan over you can see what happens if there's too much snow on the roof. this building buckled and the entire front facade look at the brick facade. these are real heavy bricks they just snapped and fell because of the weight of the snow they were no match for it. if you look at the roof you can actually see a cross section there, that's how thick this snow pack was, how heavy it is. we're getting more reports across the region of more and more roof collapses, there was an apartment building where about 30 people were displaced. more reports are coming in as the snow just continues to settle and putting a lot of strain on the buildings fred. >> oh, my goodness fred will ripley thank you so much for that point of view. the northeast being hit really hard but the southeast too is about to get a little bit of a taste of what our friends up
12:22 pm
north are dealing with. of course it won't be as severe but they're going to feel cold, let's put it that way. they won't feel snow like that. >> that cold air is going to plunge all the way down to florida there the last four storms have all originated in different parts of the northeast. parts of arkansas missouri even back into areas of kansas you can see into oklahoma and across the tennessee valleys and the ohio valleys. what you see in pink are warnings. these warnings are going the get extended across the delmarva d.c. philadelphia new york you could have a warning in thea day ahead. little rock look at i-40 up to nashville, southward, so this is the ice line we're thinking it's going to stay as rain
12:23 pm
atlanta southward, here's the snowfall several inches and a good accumulation too, for areas around southeast missouri even st. louis, could see five maybe six inches nashville, you can get six, seven, possibly eight, the entire state of kentucky is looking at maybe 10 to 12 isolated amounts more. so fredericka we're watching this with to the ice in between the rain and the snow it moves and it could really paralyze parts of the carolinas, but what's next. that's what we're trying to figure out with the computer moddings. philadelphia and new england. >> the next wave. you're right, from all over we have seen that system coming from the midwest at one point. >> nor'easters, also coming from the gulf. >> a couple from canada. >> see, i'm keeping track, i'm learning so much tom. you can still keep your job i'm no threat. all right, appreciate it. it has been almost 24 hours
12:24 pm
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>> the cease fire in ukraine is holding. observers stay things have been relatively calm. the fighting between rebels and ukrainian forces had intensified
12:28 pm
in the days leading up to the cease fire. let me bring in a journalist who has worked in canada and is currently a spokesman for the osce the organization for security sen -- they are monitoring the cease fire. good to see you, so as mentioned, we have heard reports of gun fire and shelling in some areas, as far as you're concerned, do you believe this cease fire will continue to hold? >> good to be back with you, fred well osce special monitoring commission has just issued a statement saying that in the first 18 hours of the seegs cease fire it's helding for the first part. there are some exceptions most notably in the hot spot. today fred we had about 20 patrols out, and don't forget we're patrolling an year about twice the size of vermont. so it was very large.
12:29 pm
by the way, among you are -- a few dozen americans. they did attempt to access it today. however the rebels were not very cooperative in terms of guaranteeing our safety so we decided to hold back and another attempt will be made tomorrow but it's crucial of course that our monitors get there, because it's been under shelling quite a long time there and there's quite the humanitarian effort there. and around this cease fire around donesque there were some small arms firks but nothing too serious, so it's a built of a patch work quilt, but we're hoping it won't last. >> do you believe that small arms fire and other shelling that's taking place because maybe the word has. reached them that there is this cease fire? or is this just defiance
12:30 pm
period? >> you know it's a very good question and in fact the special monitoring mission is taking upon itself in various ways innovative ways high-tech nothing, to get that word out about this cease fire and why it's so important for these minsk document to be adhered to. the chief monitor has been calling a few times a day now for this cease fire to hold, we're under no illusions, it will take a lot political will it will take common sense, but that death toll has gone so high. it's really crucial it gets started right away. >> are you more hopeful as far as the agreement last cement? is. >> we did have some calm after the september agreement, it frankly didn't last for long but the one thing we did not see, which we will be looking for in the next two or three days that pull back of heavy
12:31 pm
weaponry that's the corner stone, really of this agreement, that heavy weapons be pulled back and also all of these fighters and foreign fighters go back to where they came from. so that's what we're focussing on as well over the next two or three days. >> thank you so much for your time appreciate it. what is the u.s. saying about the shootings taking place in accident mark. cnn's airerin mcpike is reporting. ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save
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hi hello again, and thanks so much for joining me. we're learning more about the deadly terror attack in denmark. authorities say he is 22 years old and has a criminal record. but they haven't released his name. he was shot dead during a shoot-out with police this morning. police say he carried out two shootings saturday within 10 hours of each other, one at a free speech forum and the other at a synagogue. a u.s. official tells ss cnn that
12:36 pm
fbi officials are iassisting in that investigation. we are still waiting for word on whether those arrests might be related to the shootings. and the u.s. government is condemning the shootings in den marks. our erin mcpike is in washington for us and joining us now, so how beyond the fbi assistance might the u.s. help? >> of course you mentioned the fbi, this is the big thing there, helping the danish authorities on that investigation, but a danish official tells us the attack was similar to the attack in paris a month ago. we have a brief statement from national security spokesman better than net me hahn who -- we haven't heard from the president directly just yet, he is traveling on the west coast this weekend, but all day, we have been getting strong and
12:37 pm
pointed statements from british leader who is will weigh in on this. british prime minister david cameron for example said what happened in denmark is an appalling attack on religious freedom. and he said that these two individuals were murdered simply for their beliefs. but the current white house response being so brief and cautious is interesting because president obama came under some fire last week for coming the attacks that followed the "charlie hebdo" shooting in paris on the kosher deli was random. many are saying that that attack wasn't random and that the anti sem -- >> meantime the u.s. and other western governments are boosting efforts to stop the radicalization of their own citizens. peter is the director of the international center for the study of radicalization and political violence and a security studies professor at
12:38 pm
king's college in london. all right, professor, good to see you, so today, it's denmark, before that paris, and attacks in canada and even britain. so it's one thing to fight terror where the groups are based, entirely different when it appears as though some are either returning home some countries are saying they are their fellow citizens that have been radicalized in so what if anything can be done about that? >> well i think there are two separate problems here. one is the people who have gone to syria and to iraq as fighters who have joined jihadist groups we know that up to 4,000 europeans have gong there over the past flee years and some of them are now returning to their home countries, being militarily trained, being brewalized and perhaps also being oriented towards attacking the west. the other problem is their supporters there has been a great mobilization in a lot of
12:39 pm
western european countries in favor of the islamic state, and that is something that is causing a lot of concern, because whilst the fighters have gone to syria, you can to some eck techbt control them there are some records to where these people have gone the people who are sympathizeing or acting on to the internet. they're often not well known to the security services? it is very difficult to judge which of them are dangerous and which of them are not dangerous. >> it's interestinging even in the case of denmark, i think on the surface, people reacted with great surprise wow, why is this happening to denmark, buzz according to do our own nic robertson, they said per capita denmark has more young men compared to other european nations that have been radicalized arngtd traveling to places like syria and yemen and other places where there is training and returning to the country. denmark has in place a program
12:40 pm
or i guess a system in which they try to assist these young men but there are some danes who say that is 3409 working. so is it the case that most of these countries are frying to struggling? spectacularly european nations are struggling with what to do with the knowledge that people are being radicalized, but not quite sure how to handle it? >> absolutely. >> that program that you referenced is a program for people who have come back from sereyria and we don't know at this point -- >> deradicalization and rehabilitation we don't know yet at this point whether he's gone through that program so we can't say it has failed in that particular case but it's certainly true that a lot of european countries are struggling with the sheer volume of cases that they are now
12:41 pm
confronted with this is different in terms of magnitude with what question have seen over the past several years. and here's another factor is that's very important. which is that a lot of these jihadists have learned that they do not need to carry out another 9/11 they do not need to carry out another london attack to create a lot of shock and horror. a lot of the security forces are geared toward preventing complex attacks, attacks that need a lot of planning and execution. what we're talking about is less complex attacks and a lot of countries are struggling with that. >> doctor thank you so much for joining us from london today. >> police said they have broken u a plot to the commit a mass shooting at a shopping mall in nova scotia. we'll tell you how that was done.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
anted to go on a shooting spree at a shopping mall. according to authorities, the move was not driven by any ideology. cdc's angela mcgooifr has details. >> it's one of the busiest
12:46 pm
places in the city the halifax shopping center police say it was the intended target of a mass shooting on this valentine's day. >> i decided to come anyway but it's scary, you hear about all this stuff happening all over the world, and you never, ever think it's going to happen here. >> police didn't reveal the alleged target publicly until mid afternoon, that's also when halifax police are holding two people who -- 20-year-old randall steven shepherd from halifax. both were arrested early friday morning at the halifax international airport. police say they were tipped off floug crime stoppers. >> we do expect that this is going to take several days if not weeks before we get a very -- exactly what the plans were, how they're going to carry it out, as well as any other
12:47 pm
individuals or factors involved. >> a community on the outskirts of halifax when officers arrived, they found a 19-year-old suspect dead. police are in the releasing the young man's identity at this time three long barrelled rifles were also found inside the home. a fourth person has since been released without charges. >> all we're prepared to say is they were in a flich relationship. >> justice minister peter mckay was in halifax today and received continuous updates. >> what i can tell you is this the appears to be a gripe of murderous misfits that were coming here or living here and prepared to wreak havoc and mayhem on our community. >> a friend of the dead suspect and the halifax man under arrest says he can't believe what he's been hearing. >> again, i don't picture either of them being capable of such a
12:48 pm
thing. >> the halifax shopping center was notified earlier in the investigation, that the mall was the target. the mall manager says the safety of of customers,-- the faa has made a major announcement about the use of commercial drones, that's next.
12:49 pm
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all right. checking our top stories right notice the northeast is getting slammed with another winter storm. it's boston's snowiest month ever. millions of people are under a blizzard warning. coastal areas are getting hammered with flooding and high winds. some roofs are collapsing under the way of the snow. when the storm blows out, it would leave dangerously cold temperatures in its wake. the south is also getting hit with frigid temperatures with winter storm watches in effect for parts of the region. and testimony is scheduled to resume tomorrow in the so-called american sniper murder trial. eddie routh is charged with murder in the 2013 shooting deaths of chris kyle and his friend chad littlefield. kyle is the former navy s.e.a.l. who is the subject of the movie "american sniper." routh's lawyer admits he killed
12:53 pm
the men, but he was insane at the time. faa new rules have drones weighing less than 55 pounds cannot fly higher than 500 feet. operators must get a drone license and avoid flying near people other aircraft and -- a final decision on the proposal could take years. we're learning of one of the large zest bank rob wills ever. a new report from an internet security form says hackers have stolen $1 billion. it says hackers installed spy software inside computers of more than 100 banks. they used the software to transfer money into fake accounts. right now police say the attacks remain active. i don't know if i can be with him the way he needs me to. >> it's been a big debut weekend
12:54 pm
for "fifty shades of grey." the movie was far and away the number one film making more than $80 million so far, possibly $10 million more by the time the holiday weekend is over. that would make it the number one presidents day holiday release of all time. we'll be right back. [rob] so we've had a tempur-pedic for awhile, but now that we have the adjustable base, it's even better. [evie] i go up...heeeeyyy... [alex] when i put my feet up on this bed my stress just goes away. [announcer] visit your local retailer and discover how tempur-pedic can move you.
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all right. now we take our weekly look into the future. richard quest shows us how we will be managing our money. >> reporter: a ringing bell frantic investors, all symbols of a bygone trading era. >> the stock exchanges as we know it are long gone. the vast majority of all the volume that's happening in transactions right now is all electronic. >> reporter: it's all now happening online. with robo-adviser firms using ago rich-driven robots instead of human financial planners. they have built a business teaching people how to handle their financial investments online. >> i think the era of people getting up in the morning and saying to themselves i'm too
12:59 pm
stupid to deal with my future are gone. >> the growth and success of robbo-advisers have traditional advisers looking to join the ranks. charles schwab always has plans to launch a program in mid-2015. >> it's an evolution of what we have historically done and we're keeping up and taking a leap forward. it's really teak the technology and applying it to an aspect of the industry. >> reporter: managing our wealth online is now part of our lives. whatever technology comes in the future the goal must be the same -- make money, don't lose it. investors beware. there are down sides, depending on your level of risk and want to personal interaction. humans or robots will there be room for both? only the masses will determine who they trust more to manage their money.
1:00 pm
we have much more straight ahead in the "newsroom," which begins right now. happening right now in the newsroom brand-new details on the terror attacks in denmark, the fbi now helping to trace the gunman's whereabouts leading up to the attack and why the fbi compares it to the paris terrorist attacks. and a cnn exclusive, i twaud to lars vilks, who survived the attack. he describes what he saw and experienced when the gunman opened fire. and right here another part of the country, that's again hit hard with another winter blast.